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The Blood Brothers’ keyboardist and vocalist Johnny makes the compassionate choice every time he sits down to eat by choosing a vegan diet. Check out for Johnny’s interview with as well as a free e-card with songs from The Blood Brothers’ latest record, “Crimes”.

Every week, gives away a special prize to someone selected from that week’s comments on the PETA2 Daily Blog found at . For the next two weeks things will be a little different. On Friday, October 29, one lucky person will score a copy of The Blood Brother’s 4-song 7" from Hopscotch Records, a must have for any Blood Brother’s fan. The winner will be selected from the comments that are left from Sunday, October 17 through Friday, October 29, and will be posted on the blog on the 29th. In order to win, you must comment with an e-mail address registered with the PETA2 Street Team, so if for some reason you haven't signed up yet, do it now at !

Anal, anyone? :)

Hi all...

My name is Heather and I work in an adult store in NJ in the States... We're giving away free buttons that say "I ♥ ANAL"

Anal is pretty hardcore, isn't it? ;)

So, if you'd like, check out the following link for info. This isn't spam, it's just the website for my store. If you don't live in the states, you can send a self-addressed envelope along with an IRC (international return coupon).

It's free! How can you not check it out? :)